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Final Conflagration

Vladimir Z. Rokein [Zekarion Altier]
22 August
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-The Basics

Name: Zekarion Altier a.k.a. Vladimir Z. Rokein
Age: 29
Birthday: August 22nd
Height: 6' 2"
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold with slitted pupils
Dominant Hand: Right
Occupation: Head of Security, ECLIPSE main office
Interests: Power, Literature, Fencing


On the surface, Vladimir Rokein appears to be a sharp-minded businessman, eloquent in speech and refined in tastes. Outside of his work, he seems to be a polite gentleman, often offering help to people who are struggling with something. He enjoys reading and philosophy, as well as the occasional cup of tea or glass of wine, and prefers things from older times, such as classical music and antique furniture. Despite being primarily a businessman, he has a fair amount of knowledge of self defense and the like, and he isn't to be taken lightly.

This is especially true to those in the know; in actuality, he's immensely manipulative, capable of extreme cruelty, and a bit of a sadist. Once he's got his sights set on something, he will do whatever it takes to get it, all the while keeping his record and reputation spotless. He believes humans to be cruel, heartless creatures who care about nothing but themselves, and thus loathes them. To him, any kindness shown by a human is only a facade, or for selfish reasons.

Despite all this, there is still a bit of kindness buried deep in him that may be provoked from his childhood friends or those who have suffered through a situation similar to his own. There are very few people he genuinely respects, and he tends to only show such feelings in private, and in subtle ways.


Zekarion's crazy long background goes here. To what point the history ends will depend on what point I decide to take him from.

-In the Community

Should he join any games, information will go here.

-Appearance and Abilities

Zekarion is a wide-shouldered man with a somewhat athletic build. His hair is in a short, layered style, and his skin is about a shade darker than a typical caucasian and a shade lighter than a typical middle-eastern man. His features are sharp, he has a somewhat prominent jawline, and he's perpetually clean-shaven (whether this is a result of the traits of his race or due to his own habits is unclear). All of this, along with his excellent posture and the proud way he carries himself, tends to make him a bit intimidating to most people.

As a member of the Mystic Race, Zekarion has heightened senses of smell, touch, hearing and sight. His clan in particular is extremely sensitive to temperature, able to tell how hot or cold something is down to roughly a tenth of a degree (Fahrenheit). He also has heightened strength, able to easily lift, say, a desk, but not to a ridiculous extent (for instance, he can't pick up a car and throw it). He can perform a few miscellaneous spells such as minor healing, illumination, and curses. Zekarion is capable of a sort of "domination" over those of weak wills--one look into his eyes and the victim will have no choice but to listen to the man, though they may be able to struggle against and break this if they feel strongly enough about it. He also happens to be trained in (and talented with) the use of a rapier, though he can work with most blades.

Being a pyrokinetic, he can both create and control normal fire, as well as a special kind of fire unable to be put out by normal means. This kind of fire will only go out if covered with a water spell of the same sort, if the energy put into it by the caster is cut off, or if it reaches a limit of distance set by the caster. Theoretically, it could burn through the entire earth if left alone, but it will constantly drain energy from the caster, making it extremely unlikely for Zekarion to attempt.

Furthermore, the energy that is drained when he uses his powers is not simply the temporary energy bestowed by sustenance, but his life force. Thus, each time he uses any of his powers, his life is shortened. Any degree of cold will discourage him from a fight, though if the temperature is low enough, his abilities will be disabled almost completely. He's also unable to swim, though water in general isn't likely to dissuade him.

Shinju Gouka: Subordinate and ward. While he may outwardly show some affection for the boy, it's really just a ruse; Zekarion only sees him as a tool to be used towards his goals.
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